Sound Theories Ltd Edition CD

This limited edition digipak Sound Theories CD is available exclusively through Steve’s web store and can not be found in stores.

Sound Theories is a two disc collection comprised mostly of previously released music that Steve rearranged and recorded with the Metropole Orchestra in Holland.

Disc One - Sound Theories Vol 1: ''The Aching Hunger'':

01. Kill the Guy with the Ball
02. The God Eaters
03. The Murder Prologue
04. The Murder
05. Gentle Ways
06. Answers
07. I'm Becoming
08. Salamanders In The Sun
09. Liberty
10. The Attitude Song
11. For The Love Of God

Disc Two - Sound Theories Vol 2: ''Shadows and Sparks''

01. Shadows and...
02. Sparks
03. Frangelica Pt. 1
04. Frangelica Pt. 2
05. Helios and Vesta
06. Bledsoe Blvd

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